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Age of the everyday IoT entrepreneur is here and now ….

August 28, 2017

IoT is the new buzz word these days. Anyone who knows anything about Information technology is feeling the buzz. There have been a lot of products which are making all this happen for the everyday entrepreneur and also for the established companies. Access to electronics, access to code which makes it easy to interface with those, price of the components, easy access to amazing education through video tutorials, blog posts, meetup groups etc.

The feature of the everyday entrepreneur is here and now. If you can imagine it and even better put the ideas on paper to products on shelves then your time has come….

Bigger corporations have very few advantages over an everyday entrepreneur these days right from design, engineering, supply chain, distribution etc.

For anyone new to the space who has an idea we can help you get it to market by either partnering with you or consulting on the product…

The Hype of IoT and the areas of applications from an old Gartner article is clearly defined here:


Source: Gartner (July 2014)



The biggest challenges in IoT from a technology perspective are:

1)      Lightweight networking standards

2)      Securing the data

3)      Power Management in IoT devices

In the end I think if you are getting to the new space of IoT or have some great ideas it is time to put those into practice. Happy IoT’ing