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Microsoft Build Conference – 2018 – Part 2(IoT)

June 11, 2018



Continuing from Build where we looked at AI earlier.. The next big areas was IoT. Microsoft  is planning to spend $5 Billion on IoT over the next few years. The big announcement at Build was to make IoT edge Open source  and big focus on   Intelligent Edge  and IoT security.

Lot of  content was spent on Intelligent IoT Edge devices.  Some of the hardware which was showcased is below.

AI enabled_edge devices


Roobo speech device in detail – Complete AI system solutions for IoT devices – household  electric appliances, automobiles, robots, toys, and other industries.  These  kits are Farfield with Custom keyword spotting in linear and circular configurations..





Azure Sphere   azureSpher1

This project Leverages Microsoft expertise in Security, Cloud to create a Secure connected MCU especially in this day and age where IoT security is a key issue.

Key points about Azure Sphere

  • Build 2018 – Azure Sphere – Silicon, Software and Cloud
  • Azure Sphere is a First device of its kind with Security at its heart
  • Like IoT core Azure Sphere has 10 year support from Microsoft
  • Azure is open to any MCU manufacturer who want to use the Pluton security system ROYALTY FREE who can also innovate with the GPL’d open source Linux  and also to any cloud provider.
  • DevKits available in Summer 2018

The picture below describes  properties of a highly secured connected device which is the goal of this device.\azureSpher2


Hardware  is essential for establishing the root of trust. This allows hardware to protect device  identity  and software integrity.


Software helps to configure dynamic compartments which limit the reach of any single failure.


Nature of software and security that there will be bugs and exploits over time. By having renewable security cloud is leverage to provide updates and software applies updates and hardware prevents rollback. This makes the solution robust.



Implementation details

Each hardware unit is segregated  off from the other by a firewall preventing cross polluting incase one of the components gets compromised. The solution does use Cortex M (typically used in MCU’s) and Cortex A which is used for application and high  compute environments. This however can impact battery life in environments where battery power is the only source. And this is the reason why some folks called is an Application processor rather than an MCU.


Lots of silicon vendors are implementing this solution especially Mediatek. There is interest from appliance makers like Wolf/Sub zero and Leoni…



It can be also used as frontend gateway to another MCU IoT device . 

Next time I will cover Microsoft 365/Graph, GIT patterns and anti patterns,  Azure Databricks and Azure Blockchain.